Sustainable fishery

We provide an end to end approach to sustainability on the entire supply chain for the Fishery Industry. Intertek has developed different programs to promote responsible and sustainable fishery activities around the world. A tipping point has been reached in the world of sustainability, with the world facing increasing challenges from growing complexities across their value chains, as well as expectations of corporate responsibility.

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Sustainability services have been core to our global business for more than 100 years. Companies and countries in the world trust us to ensure quality, safety and sustainability across their entire value chain.

Our services include from social responsibility and supplier audits to surveillance programs to assure the regulations of fishery activities around the world. 

When talking about sustainability for the fishery industries, it comes the need to benchmark the standards to measure what will be the meaning of sustainability. We can include a set of certifications from environmental activities to sustainable processes. 

We know that in the fishery industry and regions, one size does not fit all. We have the expertise to support either small and big fish companies, international programs and countries.

Through our global network, local knowledge and subject-matter expertise we are ideally positioned to provide a unique end-to-end solution that includes our wide variety of sustainability services and independent certifications. 

Our experience in surveilance programs for countries, comes from over 15 years ago, working with the most important global fishery countries in the world.

In Peru

PRODUCE Program, created by the Peruvian government for the surveillance and control of fishery and aquaculture activities at the national level, Since 2016, Intertek Peru has been working together with the production ministry as a strategic ally.

There are three pillars on this program working together:  

  • Inspectors
  • Communications 
  • Government 

The program consists of:  

  • Surveillance and permanent control in the unloading places of the fishery destined to the fishmeal and fish oil industry
  • Surveillance and control of the correct functioning of weighing equipment and instruments
  • Surveillance and control of vessels that do not have a fishery permit
  • Surveillance of fishery establishments that have plants for direct human consumption, indirect human consumption and plants for the reuse of discards and waste of hydrobiological resources 


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    ¿Necesita ayuda o tiene alguna pregunta?

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